Identify feelings in others – Provide lots of opportunities to identify feelings in others. You might ask your child to reflect on what someone else may be feeling. Cartoons or pictures are a great way discuss feelings and helps kids learn how to recognize other people's feelings through interactions.

Proces Details

Project Goals
  • Create a tool to learn kids about emotion
  • Possibility to choose methods
  • Help adults communicate or bond with children through emotions
  • Create an easy/fun-to-use web app for all ages.
  • Meet the Users
    After conducting interviews with the target users we identified the following pain points:
  • Users can’t find useful tools to help their children learn about emotions
  • There are no tools that guide parents to help their children with emotions
  • Users are having a hard time giving emotional supports to their kids without information
  • Users want different methods to choose from when interacting about emotions
  • Problem statements
    Based of the two persona's we could state the problems:
  • Diane is a full-time mom who needs educational methods to teach her child how to appropriate behave when feeling emotions because she wants her child to learn it is okay to have feeling.
  • Peter is a single father and busy IT programmer who needs a tool to bond with his child about emotion because he struggles giving his child emotional support.
  • Low Fidelity Wireframes
    We constructed a user flow of what a basic start to finish journey looks like while reviewing a deliverable. This helps us in understanding ways users can interact with the product, as well as allowing us to see navigation through user goals.
    Usability Study
    A low-fidelity prototype was used to survey participants to get effective feedback. All the participants were asked the same questions and tasks to do within the prototype. Study type: Unmoderated Usability Study Participants: Five participants, each individually completing the study.
  • Users need better design language so the cards explain themselves better
  • The information given about a method is too hidden for users to find
  • Customizing options is needed to gain accessibility
  • Users want better navigation to make the app more fluid
  • High Fidelity Design & Prototype
    With the usability study results in mind the high fidelity design and prototype could be realized.
    For Accessibility there is settings menu that lets you adjust colors, audio and language. The images on each page use alt text to allow a screen reader to read the content.
    Lessons learned
    The user research done gave me insights I didn’t consider at first. For this project bonding with your child through interactions is the ultimate user experience.