All Done
Alldone is a concept from a digital agency in Groningen, The Netherlands, to smoothen their project processes. The current state of their projects are contact-heavy because of clients not understanding the process and therefore not giving relevant feedback to deliverables. From their experience the agency can tell it frustrates the clients which leads to miscommunication and inefficiency. 

Proces Details

Project Goals
  • Create an easy-to-use feedback system.
  • Allow users to learn their project's process.
  • Bridge the gap between the agency and clients to improve the relationship.
  • Get the client more involved in the project process.
  • Meet the users
    Low-fidelity Wireframes
    We constructed a user flow of what a basic start to finish journey looks like while reviewing a deddliverable. This helps us in understanding ways users can interact with the product, as well as allowing us to see navigation through user goals.
    Usability Study
    After creating the low fidelity wireframes, there was a survey prepared for participants to fill out before we began conducting an usability test. All the participants were asked to run through different scenarios in the prototype to get effective feedback to use for the next design iteration. Study type: Unmoderated Usability Study Participants: Five participants, each individually completing the study
  • Labels on cards are unclear 
  • Too much text to scan quick 
  • Deliverable card is confusing
  • There's no history of the feedback
  • Challenge: Cards redesign for readability
    Out the usability study that has been conducted the most important result that the cards were not fully optimized for the user. With the use of color, grouping labels, and limiting the amount of text in combination with the use of iconography, cards are better readable and so less confusing for quick scanning. 
    Accessibility Considerations
    For the Alldone Sign-off app, the images on each page use alt text to allow a screen reader to read the content.
    Lessons learned
    While designing the Alldone Sign-off app, I learned that user experience way more then meets the eye. The research done gave me insights of problem statements that were invisible to me at first. With the usability study it was clear that users want to quickly scan screens to see what's important to them. Finding those important interactions was the biggest challenge, after those were found solutions were made easily which ended in a final product with a more pleasant user experience.